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About Salsa Classes in Toronto

By bayview | In News | on June 13, 2014

If you are looking for salsa classes Toronto, you have come to the right place. Ballroom on Bayview Dance Studio specializes in offering various programs for all levels and abilities in Ballroom, Latin & Club dance styles!

Club dancing , which incorporates a wide range of authentic Latin dances such as Bachata, Merengue & Salsa, has recently gained major momentum with the general public and many places currently offer salsa classes Toronto. Salsa is currently one of the most widely sought-after dances amongst the general public, danced at restaurants, clubs, bars & functions alike! Both teens & adults are taking salsa classes Toronto in efforts to learn to dance to music, follow a partner and simply have fun! From authentic to Cuban to New York style salsa, we have instructors who specialize in all varieties of Salsa classes Toronto.

Salsa classes Toronto at Ballroom on Bayview Dance Studio will teach you the fundamental timing, step patterns and styling of Salsa at the beginner level and expand into advanced combinations for those who have previous experience. Our classes will also equip you with the skills necessary to follow/lead any partner, regardless of their ability, as well as to look and feel good while dancing!

We believe that just like any school program, taking salsa classes Toronto requires a structured program and lessons plans. We have developed a system which offers both group classes, practice sessions and private lessons, giving you an excellent balance between learning one on one from an instructor and dancing with various other people in our group sessions. Covering all vital aspects of learning to dance with our programs, you are on your way to achieving your dancing goals & dreams!

Our professionally trained instructors will go through all the necessary steps to make sure we find a learning style that works for you! From beginner to advanced, from step patterns to dips & tricks, your dancing needs will be accommodated, here at Ballroom on Bayview Dance Studio!

We invite you to try out our complimentary dance evaluation class to see Salsa classes Toronto for yourself. This is the perfect chance to find out about our school, the programs we offer and the variety of salsa classes Toronto available here at the studio. We are confident that you will enjoy dancing with us and salsa will become not only a hobby, but also a life-long passion!

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