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Brian Sellier says:

"When I first walked in here, I realized that this place is different. It is filled with great minds and professionals who know exactly what it takes to be a great dancer!"

Alana Taylor says:

"It is so nice to know that we have a studio as rich and as vibrant as Ballroom On Bayview, right here in Toronto."

Why you should take ballroom dance lessons?

So why should you take ballroom dance lessons at Ballroom on Bayview Dance Studio? Ultimately, we understand various aspects of the dancing industry as we have seen it through the eyes of both a beginner and high level adjudicators and dancing professionals. Our goal is to provide our clients with ballroom dance lessons which will be the perfect fit to any budget, level and ability and create a program which is sure to leave you with the comfort and confidence present in any dancer. No matter what your goals are in dancing, be it to learn a few new dance steps, or to be a star on the dance floor, ballroom dance lessons at Ballroom on Bayview Dance studio will get you there!

Our studio provides an excellent atmosphere to host ballroom dance lessons, with an elegant feel, posh lighting, and huge windows overlooking the street, dancing is a pleasure! So whether you would like to waltz, foxtrot or cha-cha around the floor during your ballroom dance lessons, you can relax and enjoy the view!

Here at Ballroom on Bayview Dance Studio however, we understand that everything requires practice and taking ballroom dance lessons also requires constant repetition. We want our students to have as many opportunities as possible to learn, therefore we have arranged specialized dance practices where you can reinforce what you've learned during your ballroom dance lessons and try to it out with different partners. The practices are instructor supervised so any questions you may have, feel free to ask our friendly staff! Our practices are currently held every Monday & Wednesday nights at 8:15 p.m. right after our ballroom dance lessons group class.

A frequent question we receive is whether a partner is required to take ballroom dance lessons and the answer is not at all! We have wonderfully trained male & female instructors available for both private and group classes, who are well versed in both the leader and follower portions of the dancing! Our group classes are also structured on a rotational basis, where we continuously rotate partners, giving everyone a chance to dance with each other. We believe this is a vital part about group ballroom dance lessons, the ability to be able to lead/follow different partners, to different music in with various step patterns. This is not only a great way to make new friends, but also a vital part is solidifying the knowledge that you obtained through taking our ballroom dance lessons.