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Beginner Dance Program

Many of the people that walk through our doors say that they have two left feet, feel uncomfortable and insecure about dancing. Trust us, we hear it more often than you would think. Believe or not, we all went through that phase ourselves as well at some point in our lives. However, anyone can learn how to dance and anyone can become at least a comfortable dancer in no time!
It is true that everyone learns differently and at different paces but dancing, just like any other hobby, requires educated and experienced coaches who understand the concepts on all levels and are able to take the right approach with each student or couple, individually.

Basic Foundation Program
The Basic Foundation Program gives you a comfort zone on the dance floor in four basic dances. It gives you insights on how to move, how to keep the rhythm, and how to lead and follow.

Social Ease Program
The Social Ease Program gives you a little variety in the general pointers of dancing — you will begin to feel more comfortable and confident in your dancing which will allow you to enjoy it both inside and outside the studio doors.

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