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Wedding Dance Lesson as a Choreographed Routine.

By bayview | In Wedding | on June 13, 2014

A wedding is one of the most memorable and wonderfully celebrated ceremonies’ in one’s life! There is something so deeply special about two people joining their lives into one! Everyone wants their wedding to be beautiful, romantic and memorable, so why not enhance this celebration with a beautiful expression of love: a perfect wedding dance!

A wedding dance is a specially choreographed routine to a specific song, which can be as special and as unique as the couple getting married. You can choose a song that is significant to you, or we can suggest wonderfully romantic tunes, which are sure to touch anyone!

Wedding dance lessons are very popular amongst young couples for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is one of many things that you will work towards together! Creating a beautiful piece of art through your wedding dance lessons and seeing it come to fruition on your wedding day is absolutely magical! The work, love, support and patience that goes into your wedding dance is seen and appreciated by many, and especially the two of you!

Secondly, taking wedding dance lessons provides you with the coaching and preparation, required of any performers. Poise and great posture is not the first thing you are thinking of on your wedding day, with all the preparation and emotions taking your attention. Wedding dance lessons will provide you with the muscle memory of great poise as you to walk, dance and celebrate the night away! Practicing your wedding dance is also vital, and taking wedding dance lessons will ensure that you are fully prepared to shine!

Learning to dance together and follow each other body movement is also an important component of your wedding dance lessons! Our professional instructors know the tips and tricks to ensure that you feel and look comfortable dancing together in time with the music. Wedding dance lessons give you the chance to ask questions and practice your dance, to prevent worry on the day of the wedding!

Wedding dance lessons can be started as far and as close to the wedding date as desired. Ultimately we recommend that you start planning your wedding dance earlier, so there is sufficient time to learn, practice and feel comfortable and confident about your dance. However, we understand that time is often an issue and will try out best to accommodate your desire for a beautiful piece even days before your big day.

Call us for a free dance consultation at 416-486-6174. This is an appointment-based lesson, one on one with our instructor, which will give you the chance to see the studio and experience several dances as well as give our teachers a preliminary idea of the music and choreography to be created.

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